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Classification of threads

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As we all know, from airplanes and trains to small pens, ballpoint pens, etc., our thread family is everywhere. Let's introduce the classification of threads.

1.Classification by thread type:

The profile shape of the thread on the cross-sectional area through the thread axis is called the profile. According to the tooth type, it can be divided into triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular, zigzag and arc threads.


2.Classification by direction of the thread:

It can be divided into left-handed and right-handed.


3.Classification by the number of threads:

It can be divided into single-line and multi-line.

A thread formed along a helix is called a single-thread thread, and a thread formed by two or more helixes distributed at equal distances in the axial direction is called a multi-thread thread.


4.The surface formed by the thread:

It can be divided into cylinder and cone, etc.


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