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Good News! The hightest grade of fastener19.8 grade

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Under the current "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" policies, fasteners for the manufacture of major national equipment have an urgent need for long-life and ultra-high strength.


Grade 16.8


Grade 19.8

On November 28, 2021, after more than a year of joint research by six companies, the whole industry chain collaboration of "material production-fastener manufacturing-service evaluation" was passed. 

Our country's related product technology and standards are seriously lagging behind, and there is an urgent need to formulate related specifications. The project successfully developed grades 16.8 and 19.8 fasteners, which is a breakthrough in the internationally climbing strength of fasteners and materials. It will vigorously promote the lightweight manufacturing of my country's major equipment, and promote China's steel production and fastener manufacturing to lead the world.

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