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How Tomb Sweeping Day is Celebrated

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Tomb Sweeping Day is celebrated with families reuniting and traveling to their ancestors’ gravesites to pay their respects. First, weeds are removed from the gravesite and the tombstone is cleaned and swept. Any necessary repairs to the gravesite are also made. The new earth is added and willow branches are placed atop the gravesite.


Next, joss sticks are placed by the grave. The sticks are then lit and an offering of food and papermoney is placed at the tomb. Paper money is burned while family members show their respectby bowing to their ancestors. Fresh flowers are placed at the tomb and some familiesalso plant willow trees. In ancient times, the five-colored paper was placed underneata stone on the grave to signify that someone had visited the grave and that it had not beenabandoned.

Once the family has paid their respects at the gravesite, some families will have a picnic at the gravesite. Then, they take advantage of the usually good weather to take a walk in the countryside, known as taqing, hence another name for the festival, Taqing Festival.

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