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The difference between color zinc plating and white zinc plating

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Zinc is soluble in acid and alkali, so it is called amphoteric metal.

After the zinc coating is passivated, dyed or coated with a light protectant, its protective and decorative properties can be significantly improved. Usually, a passivation film or a white passivation film of different colors is obtained depending on the passivation solution used.


The corrosion resistance of the iridescent passivation film is more than 5 times higher than that of the white passivation film; on the other hand, when the surface of the iridescent passivation film is scratched, in moist air, six of the passivation film near the scratched part will be scratched. Valence chromium has the effect of "repassivating" the scratched part, repairing the damage and restoring the passivation film to completeness. Therefore, color zinc plating greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the electroplated surface.1

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