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The process of producing hex bolts

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Bolt is a part that screwed together with a nut for fastening. Now briefly introduce you the 8-step method of processing hexagonal bolts:

1. Draw a line to find the center of the hexagon, make a proof, draw a check circle or  frame line.

2. Calculate the diameter of the bottom hole according to the formula D=d–P, select a suitable drill bit to drill the bottom hole (use a small drill to drill the center hole before drilling the bottom hole) and chamfer both sides of the bottom hole.

3. Tapping thread according to the correct method, and lubrication is required when tapping the thread.

4. According to the formula d rod = d-0.13P, check whether the diameter of the blank rod is qualified.

5. The hexagon head of the bolt is processed first, and then the threaded.

6. Set the thread again according to the correct method, and lubricate the thread when threading, and set the thread to the end.

7.Bolts are chamfered and trimmed.

8. Deburring, comprehensive re-inspection, smoothing the workpiece.


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